• What went wrong: 

    • Not sure if Unity was the correct engine to use for a Zelda top down game.
    • Scope... I think the scope is what was too large for a 3 day project. Also as the lead programmer being unavailable on the 2nd day out of the three really set us behind.  
    • Getting the submission time wrong! (didn't know they gave you an hour to submit. Thus the screenshot looks like i hit a panic button.)
    • Got focused on if I could rather than should I for the animations and such, So they gameplay objectives never got going and the gameplay died on the spot (Should have spent less time on animations and level design). 
  • What went right:
    • Expandable! This engine i started working on has the potential to be a  full blown game! There is an XML importer that can be used to create levels super fast using Tiled
    • Sounds sounded like they fit the genre.
    • Animations for a lot of the stuff got in. :)


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Aug 01, 2017

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